UV Phototherapy
UVA1 phototherapy
Model Rated power Irradiation area
KN-4002A1 1000VA 700VA
KN-4002A2 1600cm2±10% 1024cm2±10%
Describe UVA1 radiation can be used to treat the following skin diseases:Atopic dermatitis,cleroderma (various forms),Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma,Urticaria pigmentosa,Lupus erythematosus,Extragenital lichen sclerosus,Granuloma annulare.


UVA1 phototherapy

UV phototherapy cabin
Model Bulb configuration
KN-4001A 40*100W-PUVA
KN-4001B 40*100W-NBUVB
KN-4001AB 20*100W-PUVA     20*100W-NBUVB
Kernel 4001 series uv phototherapy cabin design for hospital clinical use ,with 40pcs 100W philips special medical uv bulbs as light source for treating vitiligo psoriasis eczema and other skin diseases.


uv phototherapy cabin for full body

UV phototherapy equipment
Model Bulb configuration
KN-4002A 10*40W-PUVA
KN-4002B 10*20W-NBUVB
KN-4002AB 6*40W-PUVA     4*20W-NBUVB
Kernel 4002 series UVB light phototherapy uses narrowband 311nm UVB light or PUVA light as light source , clinical trials have shown that uv light therapy for skin is the best treatment ways of vitiligo psoriasis eczema .


uv phototherapy equipment clinical use for vitiligo

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4002A1 8*40W-PUVA
KN-4002B1 8*20W-NBUVB
KN-4002AB1 4*40W-PUVA     4*20W-NBUVB

New design Kernel 4002 series uv phototheray lamp, with stable long usage life philips medical UVA/UVB bulbs .Hospital clinical use, uv phototherapy dermatological treatment instrument.


Ultraviolet phototherapy for vitiligo treatment

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4002A2 4*40W-PUVA
KN-4002B2 4*20W-NBUVB
KN-4002AB2 2*40W-PUVA     2*20W-NBUVB
Simple type Kernel 4002 series uv lamp for skin disorders .What helps psoriasis cure and what’s the topical treatment for psoriasis?That must be PUVA and 31nm uvb UV phototherapy.Simple design ,effective treatment to skin spots ,professional for home use and hospital use. 


311nm narrowband uvb uv phototherapy

Portable Home use 311nm narrowband uvb lamp

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003BL2 1*9W-NBUVB (alternating current )


(rechargeable lithium battery inside)

Describe KN-4003 series wand types 311nm narrowband uvb phototherapy lamp design with comb ,portable ,easy operation,suitable for patients use at home or travel,Device with water-dust-proof cover.


hand held wand uvb light with comb for scalp


Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003B1 9 pcs LED,power intensity :7.5-8mW/cm2,color:grey
KN-4003B2 9 pcs LED,power intensity :4.5-5mW/cm2,color:blue
Describe KN-4003 series children/women use LED uvb narrowband lamp for skin spots ,targeted for eyes around ,high intensity,long lifetime ,suitable for children and women on face treatment at home.


LED 311nm narrowband uvb light for children vitiligo psoriasis


Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003A 1*9W-PUVA
KN-4003B 1*9W-NBUVB
Describe KN-4003 series simple design,wand shape with comb for scalp,cheap price,311nm narrowband uv light therapy at home use.


Portable home use UVB phototherapy lamp with comb

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003AL 1*9W-PUVA
KN-4003BL 1*9W-NBUVB
. Describe KN-4003 series scalp psoriasis cure with comb ,philips medical uvb light therapy for home use,311nm narrowband uv light lamps the best treatment for psoriasis ,yes timer function ,easy operate ,wand design .worldwide delivery, free shipping


home use 311nm narrowband uvb wand lamps light with comb



100W uv phototherapy machine

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4004A 8*100W-PUVA
KN-4004B 8*100W-NBUVB
KN-4004AB 4*100W-PUVA     4*100W-NBUVB
Describe Kernel 4004 series 311nm narrowband ultraviolet light therapy ,with 8pcs 100W philips medical uv bulbs for psoriasis natural treatment .Fashion design ,space saving .A better choice for clinical and hospital.


Narrowband uvb phototherapy machine for skin spots

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4004A1 4*100W-PUVA
KN-4004B1 4*100W-NBUVB
KN-4004AB1 2*100W-PUVA     2*100W-NBUVB
Describe Simple design of Kernel 4002 series ultraviolet light phototherapy lamp ,manufacture with 4 pcs medical uv bulbs for skin disorders.Easy operation,effective treatment,both suitable for home and for clinical use.


311nm UVB lamp uv phototherapy device for skin disorders



UV phototherapy cabinet

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4005A 26*100W-PUVA
KN-4005B 26*100W-NBUVB
KN-4005AB 14*100W-PUVA 12*100W-NBUVB



Kernel 4005 series uv phototherapy cabinet ,26 pcs uv bulbs .PUVA ,NBUVB or PUVA+NBUVB combined is available for manufacture .Large space for full body surround .


UV phototherapy full body surround for psoriasis



Hand held UVB light for vitiligo psoriasis

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4006A 2*9W-PUVA
KN-4006B 2*9W-NBUVB
Describe KN-4006 series uv phototherapy lamp treat psoriasis vitiligo at home ,manufacture with 2 pcs 9W narrowband 311nm uvb or PUVA medical lamp.


UV phototherapy light for vitiligo psoriasis at home

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4006AL 2*9W-PUVA
KN-4006BL 2*9W-NBUVB
Describe KN-4006 series with timer voice function,easy operation,effective treatment ,less side effect of narrowband NBUVB light treat . 2*9W uv bulbs for large disease lesions.


Yes timer function portable UVB UV light lamp home unit

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4006BL1 2*9W-NBUVB (alternating current )
KN-4006BL1D 2*8W-NBUVB (rechargeable lithium battery )
Describe KN-4006 series new design uvb phototherapy lamp uv light,handheld home use type UVB phototherapy for the treatment of vitiligo .DC/AC power for choose.


UVB UV phototherapy lamp for psoriasis treat at home

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4006B1 6*9W-PUVB
Describe KN-4006B1 tabletop design ,narrow band 311 nm UVB device for Psoriasis Vitiligo Eczema. Conveneint for treating psoriasis vitiligo on hands and face.


311nm Narrowband UVB light therapy for vitiligo

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4006BL2 4*36W-NBUVB
Describe KN-4006BL2 home unit phototherapy ultraviolet light therapy for psoriasis vitiligo,treat skin diseases on hand and foot . 


Narrowband UVB 311nm light therapy lamp for hand-foot skin disorders

Model Bulb configuration
KN-4006BL3 4*36W-NBUVB
 Describe Kernel 4006BL3 hand-foot uv Phototherapy equipment with trolley ,hospital use for hand and foot eczema vitiligo psoriasis treatment.UV light treatment can save millions while helping patients and light therapy help reduce disease symptoms .


hand and foot vitiligo treatment uv phototherapy equipment