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LED 311nm narrowband uvb light for children vitiligo psoriasis KN-4003B1/B2


Model Bulb configuration
KN-4003B1 9 pcs LED,intensity power:7.5-8mW/cm2,color:grey
KN-4003B2 9 pcs LED ,intensity power:4.5-5mW/cm2:color:blue

Use type:Hand-held
Timer: YES

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Treamlined design ,fashionable, delicate and portable type uv lamp , suitable for home use.Targeted uvb irradiation for skin lesions eyes around and face. Effective treatment to early skin spots very much.

MD-LED,narrowband 308nm uvb light,3-5 times working life than uvb bulbs.

With TIME and DOSE treatment mode, simple operation, MED test function.

Standard Mini USB, a single lithium battery-powered, work time up to 120mins.

OLED display, low power consumption, large viewing angle