Features of kernel 311nm home use uvb phototherapy

Type:Uv phototherapy   Time:2019-01-12 10:23:03
1. The light source adopts the special ultraviolet lamp produced by Philips 311nm wavelength, which has the characteristics of high stability and long life.
2, a variety of configurations to choose from, with intelligent control
3, unique structural design, suitable for clinical and family use
4, microcomputer control, can work according to the dose or time countdown.

Product use attention
Please use it under guidance. Pregnant women should use it with caution. Have a history of skin tumors, history of radiation therapy with caution.
Tips for use:
(1) Psoriasis uses a water bath before irradiation for 15 to 20 minutes to remove surface scale scales;
(2) Wearing UV goggles to protect the eyes during the irradiation;
(3) Avoid excessive sun exposure at the irradiated area, cover with clothing or use sunscreen when going out;
(4) Covering or using sunscreen to protect the area around the lesion during the irradiation;
(5) After the irradiation, if the skin has obvious erythema, it should be adapted to prolong the irradiation interval or reduce the irradiation dose.

Treatment of narrow-band medium-wave UVB ultraviolet phototherapy

After each treatment, the skin of the exposed part of the patient may not change color or mild redness (minimum erythema), usually after 5-10 times of irradiation, most patients need to irradiate 15-25 times to achieve remission, then need to reduce treatment The number of times to maintain treatment.
Individualized treatment according to the patient's treatment response, generally 6-10 weeks of treatment or until the skin lesions subsided.
Among the available treatment methods, NB-UVB is an effective, safe and mild side effect treatment method. It has a significant effect on patients with large lesion area, can reduce the use of external medicine, and can be combined with other treatment methods to make The condition is relieved faster.
NB-UVB treatment can also be used in patients who have previously had ineffective wide-wave UVB therapy.