Narrowband uvb

Type:Uv phototherapy   Time:2019-01-10 10:51:31    Narrow band uvb, the other name NB-UVB, is a relatively new treatment for dermatological diseases.such as psoriasis and vitiligo. By irradiating the skin lesions with ultraviolet rays of a certain 311nm wavelength, a photochemical reaction or an immune response is regulated, thereby achieving the purpose of treating certain intractable skin diseases.

In 1976, Fischer discovered that 313 nm UV can effectively treat psoriasis.

    Subsequently, in the study of UVB spectrum and the treatment of psoriasis, it was found that UVB at 290~300nm wavelength only produces skin burns (ie erythema effect and keratinocyte necrosis) without therapeutic effect, but 311nm NB-UVB It produces the best skin treatment without burning.

    At present, most hospitals use PUVA technology, which requires simultaneous irradiation of UVA ultraviolet light and oral photosensitive tablets. However, the side effects caused by UVA and the side effects caused by photosensitive tablets are obvious. The narrow-spectrum UVB illuminator solves the problem of excessive UV exposure. Not only can patients fully accept the narrow-spectrum UVB emission of light with a wavelength range of 311-312 nm (this range is the most beneficial part of natural sunlight), while UVB treatment does not require taking other auxiliary drugs to avoid The side effects of the use of photosensitizing drugs in traditional PUVA therapy have made narrow-spectrum UVB increasingly popular among patients and physicians.

      Traditional broad-spectrum UVB lamps emit light in the wavelength range of 280-330 nm, and clinical studies have shown that light below 300 nm can cause severe burns and increase the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, the 311 narrow-spectrum UVB emission of the 311-312 nm wavelength range is considered to be the safest and most efficient light.

    Plus no need to take medicine, avoiding the side effects of PUVA therapy on the body. These benefits make narrow-wave UVB therapy very popular, even in the home, which is also feasible.