UVB ultraviolet light skin treatment instrument

Type:Uv phototherapy   Time:2018-12-18 19:31:47

UVB ultraviolet radiation treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo new breakthrough -311nm NB UVB dermatological treatment instrument uvb phototherapy, after strict rigorous verification of many national dermatology hospitals, treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema , a variety of skin ailments such as atopic dermatitis are safe, reliable, and effective with 311nm narrowband uv light.


uvb phototherapy treatment for new breakthroughs in psoriasis and vitiligo


uvb phototherapy dermatological treatment instrument


uvb phototherapy has been strictly verified by many national dermatological hospitals in the world to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases. It is safe, reliable and effective.


[Therapeutic principle]


311nm uvb phtotherapy is a new type of treatment technology for chronic diseases such as psoriasis and vitiligo. By irradiating the skin lesions with uv rays of a certain 311nm wavelength, a photochemical reaction or an immune response is regulated, thereby achieving the purpose of treating certain intractable skin diseases.


At present, most hospitals use traditional phototherapy techniques, and need to take oral photosensitive tablets at the same time, while UVB ultraviolet light emits light in the range of 311-312 nm, which is the most beneficial part of natural sunlight, avoiding The side effects of using photosensitizing drugs in traditional phototherapy have made UVB light more and more popular among patients.




The treatment course is short and the curative effect is fast, and the total effective rate is over 90%;


Avoid the side effects caused by the use of photosensitizing drugs;


Effective light output intensity, no phototoxic side effects, good safety and tolerance, no significant effect on normal skin.



Psoriasis treatment


Clinical practice shows that the efficacy of UVB ultraviolet light is better than traditional phototherapy, the incidence of spot reaction is low, the disease is relieved for a long time, and the cost is low. It can also be used for pregnant women and children. Irradiate once every other day, 15-20 days for a course of treatment. The clinical results in countries such as Europe and the United States show that the total effective rate is over 90%.


Psoriasis, commonly known as psoriasis, is a common, chronic and easily recurrent skin disease with erythema scales and hyperproliferation of the epidermis as the main lesion.


Vitiligo treatment


Irradiation with UVB ultraviolet light activates tyrosinase activity and promotes melanin formation. 1-2 times a week, especially for facial rashes. The clinical results in countries such as Europe and the United States show that the total effective rate is over 90%.